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Our story

The story of monViet started in the 1970's

When a Vietnamese mother left her village to open a noodle stall at a street corner in Saigon. She cooked the traditional noodle soup called Bun Bo Hue. Hue is a town in central Vietnam. Her noodle soup was so tasty, that people waited in front of her stall every day for it to open.

monViet is the pride of authentic Vietnamese cuisine, which has traveled all the way from a small village, bringing the mother’s secret recipes, to a restaurant outside of Vietnam, and opened in Indonesia to share and honor the mother's secret recipes amd love for authentic, home cooked Vietnamese foods.

Our Team

Loan is the youngest daughter of the Mom - monViet's founder. As the second generation, she decided to brought in the authenticity of monViet to Jakarta.

Hang Thi Kim Loan

Executive Chef

Started as a cruise ship's chef, Diky has decided to follow his passion to engrave Vietnamese culinary..

Diky Zulkarnaen

Operation Manager

Chasing his culinary passion, Jaka responsible to assist Loan, lead, manage monViet's kitchen


Sous Chef


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